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Unfortunately, there are some who fall for the wrong ones, the ones that were supposed to be strictly dating-go-round guys.

These are the guys who you are energetically matched with but will ultimately fail to serve you at the highest level.

Online dating is a good way to cut to the chase.” Dating online through sites such as and e, and apps such as Tinder, seems like a no-brainer for many women.

But we’ve all heard horror stories: Guys who are only out for sex, women who get “catfished” (a person’s profile is made up), those who are used for money.

The true nature of a soul mate relationship is not as much physical as it is spiritual.

I’m busy, have responsibilities with work and a house, and no way to meet people who might share my admittedly eclectic set of interests,” says Kay B. “I don’t want to spend time in bars or date people from my work, and don’t have time for random chance to drop a compatible guy onto my path.

That makes her the perfect candidate to help us discover what we as Brits could be doing to date better.

Only one in four of us think that we are good daters compared to other nationalities.

Our membership base is mainly educated professionals hoping to make a real connection with someone who they could build a life together with.

To lift Britain from a dating rut as a Date Explorer Laila will have the chance to travel the world and learn the best ways to date in five countries.

She will spend six weeks on the road sampling the dating delights of some of the world’s greatest cities; New York, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Paris and Stockholm, before reporting back their findings upon their return to Britain.

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