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PARK CITY, Utah — If you're looking for a surefire way to end a conversation with Alia Shawkat, look no further than bringing up the subject of "Arrested Development." That scare tactic applies to most "Arrested" veterans, who've had to field questions about a possible onscreen Bluth reunion ever since the cult Fox comedy came to a close in 2006, even more so since the 2011 announcement of a new TV miniseries and feature film.

Shawkat is no exception, as MTV News learned while speaking with the erstwhile Maeby Fünke at the Sundance Film Festival, where she's promoting the Carrie Preston-directed comedy "That's What She Said." Asked about the future of "Arrested Development," Shawkat reacted as any sane actor would: She attempted to flee the scene. I love [Michael Cera], but the whole first-cousin thing ...

Also, they chat about their characters starting college. Lastly, did they ever consider not coming back to the show?

Dealing with exes is just something that comes along with dating.

But just like Maeby, who could always invent a way out of trouble, Shawkat eventually opted for a different approach: diving into any and all "Arrested" questions head-on. " No matter what comes next, and even in light of Shawkat's initial fight-or-flight reaction, the comedian said she's very much hoping to dive back into the "Arrested" universe after all these years.

"They're writing it now, though we haven't seen any scripts yet," the comedian said about the developing "Arrested" status. She's probably figured out some weird schemes to get money really fast, and she probably has a buzzed head and is dating some French painter." French painter? "It's been kind of following me around like a very attractive albatross," she said. It would be very exciting." The 2012 Sundance Film Festival is officially under way, and the MTV Movies team is on the ground reporting on the hottest stars and the movies everyone will be talking about in the year to come.

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Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat tell Acccess’s Laura Saltman why it felt “surreal” to return to “Arrested Development” after all these years.

Depending on where you live and how serious your relationships were, it can be totally cool to see your ex out, or completely disastrous.

Seeing your girlfriend’s ex out, though, can be worse.

As the actor and musician Michael Cera played piano, he was joined by his former ‘Arrested Developments’ co-star Alia Shawkat on vocals.

Later the director of “Her,” joined and jammed along with Michael and Alia followed by others lounging around one of the labyrinthine residence’s front room.

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