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Everything's bigger in Texas, even the performances.People in Atlanta have the most sexual partners and the highest sex drive, while 78% of New Yorkers have no problem using a vibrator with their partner. We figure the sex only increased when the Heat won the NBA Championship.

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Surprisingly, the Bay Area is having less sex than everyone else in the country, and people in Dallas are 47% more likely to fake orgasms.

It reminded me of times where I’ve been treated in a way that told me that as a woman, my ideas will never be given as much consideration as my body, at least with certain men. colleen (Colleen Barry, general editor): Yeah, I really dislike the “locker-room talk” characterization this is getting.

“Locker-room talk” implies that everyone is vulnerable (read: naked) and the conversations that go on are 1. meant to cover the awkwardness of everyone showering together.

Cohen also said that Weiner texting with the teen even after his latest scandal last month is "very very troublesome for his own child and everybody else's child." She said the matter has moved beyond Weiner, his estranged wife Huma Abedin and the custody of their 4-year-old son.

Crabb’s faulty oven catches fire at an inconvenient time and such is her incandescent rage that she goes on a social media rant at the manufacturer.

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