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Vanessa Marano stars as Bay Kennish on ABC Family's hit show Switched at Birth — the brave teen drama that highlights the real life issues families face every day. But that's annoying and doesn't sound educated, so, vicissitude! We went into the Barnes & Noble and they were like, "Nope, you're going to have to buy a book to get validated." We were like, this is ridiculous. We ran into two girls who were huge fans of the show, and they were like, "Can we get a picture with you? So we were like, "Yes, we will take a picture with you, but can we walk back into The Cheesecake Factory with you and say that we were dining with you and we forgot to get our parking validated? But with that being said, Vanderpump Rules is a gem that I feel everyone should be watching. It's a toss-up probably between Bethenny Frankel and Lisa Vanderpump. I'm totally the person who's like, "No, I know, we've met before." And my sister always kicks me like, "Stop, why do you have to do that?

In between obsessively watching every single Switched episode, we had Vanessa stop by Buzz Feed NY to chat about the incredible series — from her difficulties learning sign language to her closest friend on set. Vanessa Marano: I mean, that's kind of a rough question after this season. I mean I'm partial to "EBay" personally, so I'm boycotting the Bemmet thing 'cause that's what I feel their couple name should be. I have a rule that I won't fingerspell something more than four letters. Because I can't spell in real life, so doing it with my fingers doesn't make it any easier. VM: I just started Drinking and Dating by Brandi Glanville. VM: Constance and I went to go support Lea on Dancing With the Stars — unfortunately that was the same day she got voted off, so it was terrible. VM: I mean, from his deep blue, perfect eyes, Matt Bomer. VM: People who you've met before who reintroduce themselves. Just, like, do the thing." And I'm like, "No, because we've met before!

She has starred in television movies and had recurring roles in such series as Without a Trace, Gilmore Girls, Ghost Whisperer, Scoundrels, Grey's Anatomy and The Young and the Restless.

From 2011-2017, she starred as Bay Kennish on the Freeform television series Switched at Birth.

Marano's first major roles on television have been as Jack Malone's older daughter in Without a Trace (she and real life sister Laura play sisters), Valerie's stepdaughter in The Comeback and as April Nardini in Gilmore Girls.

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And that's what's been so interesting about it is everybody has a different opinion on it, everybody has a different perspective. Which is interesting, because a lot of television shows don't get to do that. I learned so much about the Deaf community — and how dirty sign language can be! It's like the filthiest language in the entire world. VM: When I heard about the Bay/Tank storyline I was very skeptical. I was like, this is probably not gonna go over well. However, Vanessa's Character; ' Bay' in 'switched at the birth' dated boyfriend- Emmett (Sean Berdy) and they have had highs and lows in their relationship on-screen, but the actress has never been reported dating her co-star in real life.Caption: Vanessa with her on-screen Boyfriend, Sean Bardy There aren't any rumors of her even having a boyfriend from a different profession, which puts her in the single category.

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